Confession of an Info Junkie

I’m several days into Seth Godin’s #BlogFor30 challenge, and it really is a challenge to commit to writing a blog.  I find there’s a great deal of thought I need to generate to write a blog post, plus there are many topics I find interesting, but it’s the refinement of those thoughts that takes the time to work out when having to write. I’m finding my thinking can really be undisciplined, lazy, and distracted.

I enjoy a good thought just like the next guy. Thoughts are stimulating, there is little commitment behind them, and they are plentiful in my head.  That overstimulation shows up in other areas like my search patterns on google and even in managing my own household. While I get tasks accomplished, sometimes they take a bit of time.  I think this affinity to mental stimulation is caused by unrestricted searching on the Internet, but I believe it also is caused by a lack of goals and my attention to them. Honestly, while a set of written goals can accomplish tasks, a lack of goals is an unrestrained chaos.  Who guides me if not for my written goals?

Also, I think my thinking can be lazy at times. The remainder of overstimulation due to interesting topics causes a depressive response sometimes. If there’s no click-whirr, if feels like there’s no motivation to put thought into something.  Click Whirr is a response (maybe addictive) in a person has that triggers them to act more irrationally than otherwise. The click-whirr for me comes from wanting to be the first responder of interesting information for the motivation of personal acknowledgement. That motivation is soooo imperfect, and because it feels like the motivation is pulled out from under me, my response pendulum swings to the other side,  I stop caring about affirmation, and that mental response is childish and lazy.

The distracted thinking, I think, also stems from the addiction to information (Info Junkie), and the affirmation related to showing value by responding to information first.  The click-whirr effect has caused many a distracted thought, and because there are so many interesting topics out there the temptation is high.  I also don’t think I can get away from that in this world, but there are other, more rational responses than just blind, feeling-based, reactions…like knowing who I am as a person.

So far in writing this article, I’ve taken several hours, traversed 3 meals, visited 1 friend, cut my dog’s hair, and finally the end is here here.  Knowing who I am in the Lord Jesus is an important fact, granted for Christians. But the good response to temptations, distractions, laziness, click-whirr, and lack of discipline can be acquired through the meditation on God and the complete picture of what Jesus has done for me (and you).  When I woke up this morning I saw the crucifix with Jesus while I lay on my pillow.  I think the response to what Jesus did on the cross combined with what he’s doing on the throne in Heaven is important to consider fully.  That meditation keeps magnetized the needle of my compass to always point in the direction of fruitfulness despite my own distractions, laziness or lack of discipline.


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