Interstellar – The One Thing…

I really like the movie Interstellar, along with the music of Hans Zimmer

I was impacted emotionally by the movie when I first watched it in 2015, and again today I as I listen to the soundtrack.  While the music isn’t amazing on its own, it does what I think the composer, Hans Zimmer, intends, and that is to help me re-live the movie through the music.  The essence of the movie and music remind me that life is short. That some of us have few chances to make deep lasting choices.  That our mortality is closer than we think. The simplicity of the music hints that there is a whisper to be listening for, and that in that whisper we get our identity, and that we can make humanity-altering choices, and that life, while short, is more eternal than temporary.

Remember the people who go behind you into that good night.

Here is the album on Google Play.




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