Neat Interview by Simon Sinek on Millennials – Relevant in Alberta

Problem with the millennial challenge is four categories.

Parenting – Raising the generation

  • Parents say you’re special all the time  Real World: You’re not special.
  • You can have what you want, at any time  Real World: You can’t have whatever/whenever
  • They’re in honours classes because their parents complained, not because they earned it. Some got A because the teacher didn’t want to deal with the strong-willed parent.  Real World: Mom or dad can’t get them a promotion.
  • Participation medals Real World: They don’t get anything for getting second.


Technology causes physiological responses that are adult-addictive responses. It’s like they open up the liquor cabinet and start drinking at a young age.

  • Facebook/Instagram – shows the world your best side, but nothing messy.
  • Body’s dopamine response – smoking, gambling, drinking (porn) which have age restrictions. We get this addictive response with social media and video games, but social-media is not age-restricted.
  • The generation growing up in lower self-esteem (they were dealt a bad hand).

Generation Characteristics: Lower self esteem – doesn’t have the coping mechanisms to deal with stress. They turn to addictive behavior.  There’s nothing wrong with alcohol, but the moderation is key.


Simon goes onto say there is “instant gratification for many topics, except for job satisfaction and strength of relationships”.

What the generation needs to work on is: patience for things that really matter. The journey is arduous, long and difficult.  Scaling a mountain means people still need to scale the mountain.

The younger generation need to learn patience, love, joy, self-confidence.


Suggestion is to remove cell phones from conference rooms, bedsides, and meals with others. Relationships are formed when communicating with people, helping people, trust-building exercises. If your phone isn’t charging by the bed, you won’t check it if you can’t sleep.

These days, corporate managers need to pick up the slack and bring the generation into deep meaningful relationships, build self-esteem, and help them recover by disciplining them.