The Work Fruit Bowl – The Pope – Some Chia Seeds

The work colleagues I sit by in my area have been doing a fruit bowl now for about 3 months. I like that there is fruit to eat, and I like that we all share the load.  In my own search for significance when it came to my 2nd turn I had to try something new.  So, I picked up some coconuts…the young Thai kind.

I’ll follow Michelle Hertz video of how to open a Thai Young Coconut, and I’ll have to show everyone how to do it. I’ve got the Coconuts and the knife ready to go to work in the morning.  I’ll bet there are some good opinion that comes from something like this at work.

In other news, the Pope has been slandered from a site saying that he’s declared some new dogma that doesn’t line up with Christian principals.  The person that posed the news about the Pope looses credibility day in and day out…read until the very bottom.

Finally, I’m going to try making some of this tonight for tomorrow morning. It’s Chia seeds resting overnight in Almond Milk, and I’ll put honey instead of maple syrup, since we’re fresh out of Maple Syrup.

Have a Jesus blessed week all…


30-Day Blog Challenge

It’s cliche to say, and I’m happy to wish it upon you, Happy 2014!

I decided to take up the 30-Day Blog Challenge by Seth Godin via @Hubspot on Twitter. I’m a big fan of organic leadership, and I’ve found a bit of injustice in the food industry, so I’m interested in learning more about how organic food can assist in health. I also live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and the airport code for the Edmonton International Airport is YEG.  My like of organic things, and that fun fact I live in Edmonton is why I called this blog:

I’m unsure how to focus a blog, and I’m unsure of how to write well. Writing brings me back to the fun days in High School where I disliked English Language Arts.  I’m hoping that this will help me write a bit better, focus my thoughts a bit better, and overall bring me to a place that I’ve not explored before.

Oh yeah, I believe Jesus is the hope of the world, so I’ve put my faith in Him, but that doesn’t mean I’m a bigot.  I also love my wife, and my dog, Chibi (ちび), which means runt in Japanese.


God bless, and happy new year!

Jeff Sieben