Life Hygiene – Perseverance

The people in the office I work in are sick, and every turn seems to uncover another person sniffling, coughing or sneezing.  I’m doing my fair share of hacking here, myself today.  One of the people who aren’t sick (he got his flu shot last week) shouted over the cubicle wall “Anyone want a brain scan for $85 bucks”. Two of us stopped and walked over to his desk. It was true…a EEG (Electroencephalography) for 85 bucks. What?!? Why is there a brain scan for $85. Did some young scientist find a cheap EEG reader on The strangeness of Living Social’s offering fits into my category of thinking called Life Hygiene. This topic of life hygiene seems more developed than I’ve noticed, and I think life hygiene has been and continues to evolve(that’s small “e” evolution) to meet our current world demands.

Brain Scan for $85 (not MRI)

A friend of mine, James, once said that we should consider it joy when you face trials of many kinds, because the testing produces perseverance, and when perseverance finishes it’s work we are matured in our way.  Don’t you think that’s true?  When we’re tested to meet a demand, eventually we are met with success. Sometimes we’re not. The failure points help us to remain humble (hopefully), get us to think more critically about the test and outcome, and given multiple other opportunities the chance to persevere.

There are some things we may not have choice to persevere over. My father’s colleague just passed away from a full menu of cancer. He was a hard-working accountant, who had persevered through many trials, and was one of the more productive with respect to accounting at his firm.  I heard from the Funeral that he played hard, and also worked hard.  I remember him when I dad took me in on the weekend to the office to pick up files, this man seemed to be around on the weekends often (maybe it was just during tax season in April). The first sign was a strong backache during the past summer.  He recovered, and a few months later, while on yearly vacation with his family, he noticed blood in his urine.  The first visible sign something was very very wrong.  Within 3 weeks he had deteriorated and died–they think it was bladder cancer, but couldn’t tell because it had spread to his liver, lymph nodes and bones.  3 WEEKS FROM FIRST VISIBLE SIGN UNTIL DEATH ?!?!? You just can’t persevere through some things, and when Job (ch 14) says a man’s days are numbered, these untimely deaths get me thinking about my own life.

What can we persevere through so that we can celebrate life, even if the end comes quickly? There is a testing (trial) to eat healthy these days with all the fast food I mean non-organic produce and processed foods. There is a testing in our mental condition with long, focused hours at work, in our hobbies, and with our non-work projects. There is a testing of our spirituality when we get together with friends or interact with our spouse (it’s mostly patience, but 8 fruit too).  This last one is good for us to think about, because perseverance in spirit makes it easier to persevere through eating healthy, and being mentally healthy.  Perseverance and gratitude in spirit are two great elements I think contribute to exceptional Life Hygiene.

As hygiene evolves to be relevant today, remember to be thankful, patient and loving while people like me and others go through their life trials to meet up with perseverance and win. Consider it joy that you don’t have blood in your urine today. Consider it joy that you struggle to eat healthy every meal. Consider it joy that your patience is tested with your spouse. One day that joy will be perfected by that perseverance you experience, which comes the perseverance of spiritual things like with our friends, co-workers, and spouses.

Listen to this lady, speaking at her husband’s funeral, talk about spiritual perseverance. God bless you…